Just an opinion for some student’s thought about education

Written by Firman Ramadhani

Nowdays, many student thought education is not important for his or her futures. It’s all because they have read a lot of article about a rich and success people that didn’t have high education, but still they have succed. For example, Steve Job stopped study at Reed College on first semester, bill gates choose to developed Microsoft and stopped from Harvard, and Mark Zuckerberg also stopped from Harvard to developed Facebook. But lets be honest guys, even if they were stopped from college they do have a strong reason, a big goal, and of course, a skill to achive it.

A lot of student that have read the success story about Steve job, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg didn’t read the complete story, therefore student often missed in draw a conclusion. They concluded school is not important as the result they not whole-hearted in study. I think if you want to be success, you must give 100% effort to it, do it with all you got or not at all.

If you really wanted to stop from school, at least you have a skill to build your dream. I am not intercepted you, but seriously, if you didn’t have any capable skill and strong will to chase your dream outside school, I suggest you to keep study formally.


*i am still learning english, therefore if you found a mistake (there must be a lot 😦 ) feel free to tell me about it in the comment.


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