The Ancestral ( Part Two )

Written by Firman Ramadhani


Spero was twelve years old, when he could opened his first portal to the devil world. Luckily, it was not last too long to make a way for a single devil. He was slept when suddenly he had a bad dream.

he dreamt that he was running in the dark corridor, running to the light at the edge of the corridor, when suddenly he heard a deep breath in the darkness, behind of him.

“tik tok tik tok, your time is coming.” The voice was deep and heavy, more like the voice of animal or something that coundnt be a human.

“what time? I don’t understand.” he was trying to figured out the creature who talk to him, but the darkness was so intense, so its useless.

“grrrrrr” The voice was getting closer step by step. “you don’t know me, but I do know you well.”

“What are you?”

“I am your friend of course, let me pass and I’ll help you.” His hearth pumped, he wasn’t had had a friend because of his eyes. Cursed eyes the other said. Every time he joined the game, the other got away or went back to their house. Even though their parent didn’t shown their feeling infront of him, he knew for sure, they were mocked him, behind his back. They hated him of course, but afraid of what his father capable of.

“what should I do?” ask her desperately

“just let me pass in.” now the creature was standing in front of him, the creature was stink like animal. But he was barely to seeing how the creature looks like.

“how, how could I do that.”

“just said it.” Spero saw a little smile in the creature face on the shadow.

“I let you pass.”

And with that, the four feet of portal opened in front of him.

He woke up, aware by the blue fired portal that stood in front of him.

He shouted,

And then his mom and dad was in his bedroom immediately, astonished but what they were seeing.

“it couldn’t be.” Said Anna.

“It is a portal, close the portal son!” shouted altair.

“How? I don’t know how to do it!”

“Think Spero, Think!” when he was talking, a shadow was walking closer to the portal in the other part.

“I don’t know dad..” Speero was feeling frustasion.

The shadow was only fifteen feet from the portal, they could barely seen a fang and a pair of big claw.

“Son, listen to your hearth, listen and find out how, or you could make all of us killed, we belive in you.”

Listened to what his mother had said, he was think deeply. He was thinking about a lot of negative thought, how would he accidently killed both of his parent and himself when he heard a whisper.

Consentration Spero, son of altair. Consentrate both of your thought and hearth to take away the portal power. You can give it power, and so you could take it back.

He was consetration, and slowly the blue fire turn off, and as the portal slowly disappear, he heard a howl of wolf from the other side.

That was the first time he opened a portal, unfortunately not the last.



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