(part 1) Kampung Inggris Pare, Place that i’ll never forget

Written by Firman Ramadhani

11th june 2016, i went to Kampung Inggris pare, it located in kabupaten kediri. it was because of my own will that i want to improve my english so much. i thought today, person that can fluently talking in english is not special, because today, in my generation, there are a lot of person that can actually did that. Therefore, English became necessary to learn.

Before i went to pare, i was thinking that even if i didn’t had a friend to go there, i will not cancel my plan. if we were talking about my goals, i would actually do anything that necessary to achieve it, but of course the way that i achieve it, must be a good way.

I went to kediri by train. I chose train, not only because train was a lot more cheapest than plane, but because i actually could enjoy the trip and met a new tripmate in the train. when i was in train, i met with a guy that left his family to work in cimahi. he said he wanted to pick up his child to have lebaran with him in cimahi. i also met with a guy that was studying in ITB, in Pharmacy major. And a lot of another person that i met in train, and of course, a lot of interesting stories.


After 13 hours of trip, finally, i arrived in kediri at 09.00 AM, the weather was so hot at the first time i arrived. when i went out from the terminal there were a lot of abang-abang ojeg and becak that offered me their service to take me to kampung inggris. i chose ojeg, because it was more fast, and the price was same, even more cheapest than if we took becak then angkot.

after 45 minutes, i arrived at pare. i entered MrBob Course Office to check in. (i had registered before, so i didn’t have to register again, it was more cheapest). I was showed where my camp located. Precisely, It actually located beside graveyard HAHA, at first there were a lot of bad thought about my camp that never happened (alhamdulillah). I met with fajar and thohir, there were my room mates for the next two weeks, and after that accank came, and he was my 3rd room mates.

My first day felt bad, because i was not yet adapted with the weather and place. i was also not yet really know about my camp mates. but at the second day, when the class has started, it was more fun.

My camp mates and i, started activity at 03.00 AM, to have sahur, and then after sahur, we did fajr pray at the mosque. FYI, we need to passed the graveyard to arrive at mosque haha, But it was nice to has a camp that was located near a mosque, so we could have our salat at mosque all the time. After salat, we have morning club. Morning club was a unformally class that can enrich your vocab and daily conversation, for example “i want to take a dump” HAHA.


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