(part 2) Kampung Inggris pare, Place that i’ll never forget

Written by Firman Ramadhani

Oh, and i forgot to tell you, my tutor camp was bro elang, he had graduated from an university in aussie. Tutor camp was the one who gave the lesson in the morning and evening club.

After “have fun” in the morning club, my camp mates and i were preparing to go to class at 07.00 AM. Luckily me, my morning class started at 08.30 AM, so i could spend my time for go to laundry, read, do duha prayer, and of course sleep again HAHA.

My first class was quicky talk, i didn’t know why it was named like that, but in there was a rule in this class, that we not allowed to talk in another language except english. My teacher in this class was sis rara. she likes food VERY MUCH! you could know it clearly by looking to her body ( just kidding sis haha). This class was fun, A lot of practice.but the practice was different from another class, in this class we tried to have a job that required communication skill in english. for example : tour guide, Cashier, News Reporter, etc. Also, we were taught to talk with foreigner tourist.

After quicky, i had PronunWOW class with bro abim as teacher. The class was also fun, we was taught to RAP! we also taught to read oxford dictionary. In this class our mouth required to used to talking english with correct pronun.

After quicky, i got break for dzuhur salat. usually i did salat at mosque near Mr Bob Office, and after salat, i took a nap for about 20 minutes. It was tired if i didn’t take a nap you know. And then at 00.30 PM, I got my third class.



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