The Stanford Prison Experiment

Written by Firman Ramadhani

Yesterday, I watched The Standford Prison Experiment movie on my laptop. It was told us the story about an experiment that happen at Stanford University on 1971. The study was about the psychological effect when we become prison guard or prisoner. And what happened back then was very interesting.

Professor Phillip Zambardo was the one who takes control of the experiment. He was a lecture in Standford University. He gathered the volunteers by using news advertisement. He wrote that anyone who joined the experiment will get 15 dollars every day. Back then 15 dollars was worth a lot of money of course.

The truth that he had a plan to do the experiment for 2 weeks, but the experiment only took 6 days. Okey, i am not gonna tell you about all the part of the movie, but i wanna tell you about something that very interesting and i have felt it by my self, of course not in jail but in another place with similar situation.

In one part of the movie, the prison guard shown the effect of authority. they became “enjoying” to torture the prison and the prison didn’t do anything about it. i mean it was crazy that you was told to do something unappropriate but you dint do anything.

Even it was very different situation, but i have felt it that i became like “prisoner” when i was just entered senior high school. There was MOS for student whom just entered Senior High School, and i just realized that this “ceremony” shown us the real psyschological effect that happened in stanford university long time ago.

The junior student who just entered senior high school treated with high voice by senior and they seem to obey the senior without question. junior Student was told to do push up or another punishment, yelled by senior with high voice, and another thing worst but the junior student didn’t do anything, more like afraid to the senior. Same like prisoner in Stanford Prison Experiment. And some senior seem “out of control”, same like the prison guard in Stanford Prison Experiment, they was “Enjoying” the ceremony.

At the first time i realized it, it freaked me out. Through this article that i’ve made, i hope that senior whom participate in this “ceremony” becomes more wise and careful to make the plan, think about your junior’s mental. And of course, don’t loose control.



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