Online Pre-College Course

I just found out an interesting website on internet. In this website, you can found a lot of useful information and knowledge. The information are divided to a lot of Courses type. but the most course that interested me is Try College 101.Basically Try College 101 is providing us information about College world and how we could survive in it.

At the first time you attend the course ( Not attending the course physically but only spend your time with internet browsing)  you will be provided by the course about the course syllabus. these are the course syllabus :

Unit 1: Building and Working Towards Educational Goals

Unit 2: Creating a Physical and Mental Space for Studying

Unit 3: Create an Effective Time Management Plan

Unit 4: Reading to Learn

Unit 5: Learning Styles and Learning Processes

Unit 6: Listen, Take Notes, Read, and Study

Unit 7: Academic Writing and Research in College

Unit 8: Using and Improving Your Memory Skills

Unit 9: Be Ready For Tests and Test Anxiety

Unit 10: Interacting with Instructors and Classes

Unit 11: Managing Your Health and Stress

Unit 12: The Social World of College

Unit 13: Your Career After College

As you can see above, the course syllabus are very recommended for you guys who just about attending college (like me) , because these syllabus simply make us prepare for College world. the course tells us to set up our goals, prepare our mental, teaches us time management and managing our health (read:stress), shows us how to read effectively and how we should interacting with instructors, lectures, class mates, even it leads us to found out what career that we gonna get after college. So, i highly recommended you to try out this website (

Firman Ramadhani / Cimahi


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