When You Feel Down as Rock in The Water

When you feel down as rock in the water, when your head keep repeating all problems in your life and it makes you can’t stand anymore, when you feel that your life is not worth it and you are so desperate. Just remember Allah SWT bro/sis.

Allah SWT says and gives promises at Surah Al Inshirah


1) Did We not relieve your heart for you (Muhammad)


2) And remove the burden


3) That weighed so heavily on your back


4) And raised your reputation high


5) So truly where there is hardship there is also ease;


6) Truly where there is hardship there is also ease.


7) So when you are free (from your duties), toil hard (in worship)


8) And turn to your Lord for everything.


Every obstacles, every burdens, every hardships that bind your soul will be changed with ease by Allah SWT. This is a promise of Allah SWT, our Almighty god. Don’t be afraid, pray to Allah SWT, and most important thing, don’t think negative about Allah SWT fate.

Every person in this world have their difficulties in life. We need to face it, we need to show to our problems who is the boss. Don’t let your problems win and make you down. It’s alright if you want to think deeply about your problem, but don’t make it last for the rest of your life, your life is far more important than your problems. Trust me, after you going through your problems in life with patiently, you’ll laugh because of your problem that have already passed.

Firman Ramadhani / Cimahi




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