The 7 Habits of highly Effective People

I am used to watching video about book reviews in youtube, because i think it will save a lot of my time than if i read whole of the book, and i can spend it for other productive activities. Yesterday, i watched a video in youtube about The 7 Habits of highly Effecive People book review by FightMediocrity Youtube Account . It was quite interesting for me.

The Writer says that there are 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,

  1. Habit 1 : Be Proactive, What he means by being proactive is not about study in class and you always put your hand up every time your teacher asking a question, haha sorry it’s not about that. Being proactive means that you shouldn’t waste your time in something that you couldn’t change or control. The writer says for example, don’t waste your time talking about Money inflation if you could’nt control it, instead find a way to increase your profit if you have a business.
  2. Habit 2: Begin with the end in mind, Every time you do something, try to imagining what you want to get in the end or what situation you want to achieve in the end of your struggle. For example what you want people say about you after you died. Do you want people to says how generous you was? or you want people says that you was a kind person? it’s up to you. After you imagining what you want to achieve, find a way to make it happen.
  3. Habit 3: Put First Things First, Know your priority. Do what is important first. Don’t waste your time with something that could’nt support your goals. Be smart to choose whether the activity is important or just wasted you time.
  4. Habit 4 : Thing win-win, Don’t be such an arrogant person. Every time you do something with the others, think about win-win solution.
  5. Habit 5 : Seek First to Understand then to be Understood, If you want to be understood by the other, please try to understand the other too. See how’s they feel and do something to make it better if you can. After you try to understand the other, they’ll try to understand you too.
  6. Habit 6 : Synergize, If you want to achieve something big in life, try to Synergize. Maybe you’ll find someone that make your way slower but if you found a right person, your way will be a lot more easier.
  7. Habit 7 : Sharpen the Saw, Don’t forget to enrich your knowledge and make your skill sharpen. Don’t say like, “I Don’t have time for learning or Practicing.”, Please bro/sis, you’ll need to know that a dull saw is impossible to cut a rough tree.

That all, Thanks for your time reader! See you on top!


Firman Ramadhani – Cimahi


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