AppDetox : Bring back your life again!

I found an interesting app on Play Store, it is called AppDetox. The function is as the limiter in using applications in our phone. It is quite useful to decrease dependence at phone applications.


When i was using this application at the first time, i set the time limit to “Line” Application, two hours every day.It is hard to believe that two hours every day is not enough, i need at least three hours every day in this single Application. Imagine, how much my time wasted every day because all of my Phone Applications ?

After i just knew that a lot of my time have been wasted all this time, i delete all of my useless applications like games and social media that i think not necessary. I am still trying to adapt tho, haha.

Not only set time for using your app, AppDetox can also set a time when you won’t use your App, how much you want to use the app every single day, how long you want to stay away from your app, or if you want to not use the app forever, it can help you to actually did it.

If you want to feel your life as a real life again, save a lot of your precious time, and really life as a human being again, i recommended you to use this app. Start now, because sometimes later becomes never.

See you on top !


Firman Ramadhani / Cimahi.



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