15 secrets successful people know about time management by kevin kruse

There are a lot of factors contribute to a successful person. Self motivation, social circles, Family support, Knowledge, and one of the most important things is time management. Because time management is very important and it is necessary to learn if you want to be a successful person, i would like to share a book review titled “15 secrets succesful people know about time management” written by kevin kruse.


Kevin Kruse in his book says that successful people have 15 secret in time management, but in here i want to tell you six of them which i think useful.

First secret, identify your most important task. your important task must support your way for get your goals and values you want to achieve. Don’t waste your time in something that not make you closer to your dreams. For example, Dono has a goal to get a scholarship to study abroad. One of the requirements is to submits his social activity outside school but also he needs to have a good grade in school to get the scholarship. what will he does, if in the next week he gonna facing a midterm test and he needs to review a ton of subject but also there is a volunteer activity which can he uses for scholarship application, and he think that he will not be able to do a volunteer activity after midterm test?

It is difficult to choose right? okay, it is not in kevin kruse’s book but i want to share about it too. If you are facing something like this please try to put it into groups. First group is Important and necessary to do immediately, second group is Important but not necessary to do immediately or it can be done later, third group is not important but necessary to do immediately, and the last group, group fourth is not important and also not necessary to do immediately.

If we take Dono’s case in this occasion and put his choices in groups, we can see that it is not difficult to choose. Study for next week midterm is important, but not necessary to do at that time. You can study for midterm test in three days before. Doing volunteer activity is important because it is one of many requirements which Scholarships applicant needed and it is also necessary to do immediately because Dono have no other time in the future. therefore dono need to choose volunteer activity.

Second secret, Carry a note book. It is seems to be not crucial, but believe me it is very useful. Humans are easy to forget. If you bring you note book to wherever you go, you can write down all things that you thing are important and not wasting your energy to remembered it.

Third secret, the pareto principleThe pareto principle is how you can get 80% of result from 20% of the action. Do your activity in an effective way. Don’t do multitasking in your daily activities seriously, there are a lot of evidences that multitasking is not makes your activities done faster and the results are not as good as when you are not multitasking.

Fourth secret, stop making to do list. Don’t make to do list that makes you strict in your daily life. i mean in life, flexibility is necessary to have. It is only makes you stressful because you can’t complete all your to-do-list-hopes. If you want to make to do list, write it on your calendar, not in your note book from hour to hour from your 24 hours a day.

Fifth secret, establish a morning routine. Morning activity is a good way to put our flexible important activities. For example, learning, working out, eating healthy food, writing, reading etc.

Sixth secret, there will always be more to do. Don’t forget about your family and your friends. Don’t wait your free time for your family but make one.

That’s all from me, i recommended you to buy and read this book if you want to developed yourself. (i am not read this book tho, i only watch video review on youtube, it cost me about 15 minutes, so i can save a lot of my time) :))


 See you on top!

Firman Ramadhani / Cimahi




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