The Power of Focus by Prof. Ichsan Setya Putra

Today, The new students of ITB got motivation seminar from Prof. Ichsan Setya Putra, he was the education director at ITB, and now work as vice education director at Pertamina Universty but also a lecture at ITB in Aero department. The main topic in his seminar was about how to be focus in life. For me, the seminar was really interesting and it inspired me a lot to be more “human” and live in the present again.

He said that The successful students must have long term goals in life. For example; What job you want to get after graduated, what skill you want to achieve after study at ITB, etc. he said that it will help student to make a plan for his/her study plan in ITB. what SKS he/she about to takes, it can be depended to student’s work goals in the future.

He also said, Study in class is about do the real thinking, not only listening to the lectures. The real thinking is how we can make connections between the knowledge that lectures give to us. So it is not like study in the high school anymore, which was like came to the class, sit, listening to the teachers, trying the problem set that teacher given to student, and get high score in test, it’s not as simple as that anymore. Student need to be more entuasiastic about their subjects in college, Which Enthusiasm can lead the student to be more focus in life.

Our brain has no limit he said. The way to open The best potential of our brain is to be focus, Which is very hard to do in this era of technology.

Albert Einstein once said, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” 

Today we see what Albert Einstein was spoken long time ago becomes true. Teenagers are busy with their smartphone, console games, social media, etc. That is the first obstacles to be focus based on Prof. Ichsan seminar.

The second is multitasking. Our brain doesn’t work in parallelism way, therefore it would be not efficient if we do two or more task in one time. Multitasking could lead to expanded time to finishing the task, it’s also can lead to stress.

There are also some of experiments to learn about The focus effect. But, i am only remember one, The experiment is about to know how smartphone can lead to bad test score. The student in a college at somewhere (pardon me, i am forgot hehe) required to wrote down their phone number before entering a class. The student need to study by video, so there was no one who watching them. While the class was begin, The observer sent them text messages. The amount of texts which was sent to student were divided by three, 0 text, 4 texts, and 8 texts. The Observer found out that some students opened their phone immediately after they receive the text(s), but the other students opened the text(s) after the video was stopped.

After they have finished the class, they need to take a test, and the result is very interesting. The students that opened their phone after video stopped had highest score more than the students that open the phones immediately after it was received. In this experiment, student can see that using phone when learning have a big impact.

Okey, lets jump to the conclusions. So the conclusions are;

-If you want to achieve something BIG in life, stay focus!

-Plan your future goals, it’ll help you get a motivation when you were down

-Believe in yourself, our BRAIN HAS NO LIMIT!

-Learn how to do The Real Thinking.

If you read it prof. Ichsan, Thanks sir for an Interesting and Inspiring seminar, i hope you’ll always be healthy and keep inspiring the others.

Firman Ramadhani / 16916038 / Student of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering – ITB




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