Seminar from Dr. rer. nat. Mardiyanti

Today, i was very excited. It was the first time, i was entered classroom at ITB. But, not only that, today i got a lot of knowledge from Dr. rer. nat. Mardiyanti. She is a lecture in Material department at Faculty of mechanical and aerospace engineering ITB. When the first time i saw her, i thought he is also a student of ITB, because she looked like three or four years older than me, but actually he already have Doctoral Degree from germany university haha.

She was opening the seminar with a shocking fact. He said that students who sit in front of her have a big responsibilities to Indonesia people. Because, we as students of ITB, supported financially by indonesia people.

“You are the best students in indonesia, no doubt. Because, based on the data, students who’ve been accepted to study in ITB, are 1:355. It means from 1.420.000 applicants, there are only 4000 students who’ve been accepted by ITB.”

Student of high school is different with college student, there are a lot of differences.

  1. Clothes
  2. Teaching Methods
  3. Study time
  4. Teacher ( Lecture )
  5. Motivation
  6. Priority
  7. Responsibility

The College student is an iron stock, Agent of change, Social control, and moral force of its surrounding. Many great revolutions around the world, started because of college student power. For example, the downfall of soeharto was started because of college student.

As a college student, we must have good character. Character grown from inside he said. He used analogy to explain character and knowledge.

Knowledge is a knife, you make it sharper as you want. The Character is the person that hold the knife. If the knife is sharp but the person can’t use it properly, it can be used for crime or something useless. but if the person that hold the knife has a good deeds, the knife can help him/her.

Great people, focus on their goals and always thinking all the time. Try to learn from biography of the great person in the world. For example, bung hatta’s biography etc. if we can learn from the other life experience, we can learn 60 years of life experience with only some hours.

Principle has characteristics, there are ;
1. Universal
2. Ever lasting
3. Objective
4. Work without order or in other word, work automatically.

There were interesting story from one of indonesia founding father, muhammad hatta. When he was in germany, there was a party. Hatta’s friends made a gamble, if anyone (girls) could lure hatta to dance and drink, she will get money. But no matter how hard they were struggling to make hatta drink alcohol, he never touched that drink.

Next topic which Ms Mardiyanti told to us was paradigm. Paradigm is how we see a problem based on a side of view. Paradigm started from family, because family is our first environment, and paradigm builds by environment.

Paradigm could be changed but it needs time. Every problems has more than one side of view. To be a leader is a must to have a lot of side of view, so he/she can understand what his/her followers think.

As a college student, we need to have proactive influence. Proactive influence is when the respon comes from ourselves not from outside.  what we need to avoid is to be reactive person. Reactive person is when its respon comes from its environment, that’s why reactive person hard to be a good leader because they can’t make decisions by him/herselves, they just act immediately after they got impuls from their environment without thinking.

“To know others, know yourself first”

Firman Ramadhani / Cimahi


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