College World, Here i am!

Today, i have been entered college study world for about 4 days. It is 180 degree different with high school world. Back than when i was in high school, my study course schedule were same with another student and very strict, the classes were also same, meanwhile in the college, the schedule are different and we could have different class mates in different subject.

Honestly, the last 4 days was a little hard for me, i need to make sure i am not in the wrong classes, need to move one class to another, and need to adapting with lectures teaching method, maybe because i am still adapting to the new world.

In the college, we need to find our classes by ourself. It could be different with our last class mate, so we must be independent. The teaching method is also different from high school, here in the college, lectures only give student 25% of the subject, the rest must be search or learn by student her/himself. It quite usefull if we have study group, so we can share the subject and we will understand the course well.


(see, this is my schedule in one week. Thursday is free, but if there any subject experiment or practice, it will be in Thursday or Saturday.)

In the college, student must be proactive person. If we are not proactive, i can guarantee that we will left behind by another student. If we not understand, we must ask the lecture or our friend, don’t be shy to ask, if i am not ask the others maybe i will not understand anything at all haha.

The place that i like a lot is library. College library is very huge, it is a pewe place to ngadem when the weather is hot. It is also a good place to study, i mostly spent my free time during the college here haha. Please send me doa so i can pass this transition era with great, aamiin.

Firman Ramadhani (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering – ITB)




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