Developing the others or yourself?

Developing the others or yourself?


When i was in highschool, i think the first thing i need to do is to developing myself then the others. To increase my value first then think about the others value. It was makes sense, if you want to developing the others you have to be developed right? but actually, i was really wrong.

People that developing the others, make themself developed as well – John C. Maxwell (in The Maxwell Daily Reader Book)

It is interesting, John C Maxwell says that if you developing the others, developing your team mate(s) or developing people around you, you’ll not only developing the others but also yourself. How could we developing the others and in the same time developing ourself? okey lets talk about this.

When you developing the others, helping the others to solve their problems, or cheering them up when they down, indirectly, you will learn how to solve problem they had if that problem comes to you. And not only that, your brain will also get benefit from it, it will learn how to makes decision faster and sharper everytime problem comes to you.

My lecture, Chief of Prodi Mechanical Engineering at ITB, Prof. Arief Hariyanto said in his class;

Help the others around you, and you’ll also get help from the one that you helped, or from the others.  Kindness always be replied by kindness too.

The other reason why you need to try to developing the others is you can make strong bond with the one that you help. In the other word, you can make your influences wider and biger everytime you did this. Of course that is not the main purpose, because the main purpose is to help the others developing.

In the end its not about helping only ourself anymore, but helping the others and in the same time, helping ourself developing.

Hope each of us can be a strong influence person in the good way of life.

See you on top!

Firman Ramadhani



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