My Life, My Adventure


I remember when i was in 3rd grade at high school, i thought that almost all of the subjects that were being told in school, were not useful in our life, therefore it made me feel being forced to study in that particular subject, i didn’t have desire to learn about that subject, thus i was only trying to get higher score for my school report. Maybe the statement, “Not all subjects being told in school useful in our daily life” is true, but now i try to see it from another side of view.

I see all the subjects as the way for me to react my goals in life even if it is not connected directly. When i see it like that, it grows my desire and enthusiasm. It makes a big different in my energy when i was studying. I am not longer study for score but for comprehension. It really makes me closer and closer to my goals.

Prof Ichsan Setya Putra also do the same method to increase his motivation in study. When he was in high school, he see all the subject as a way to achieve his goal, his goal was to be director in Energy Company, but one of the way to achieve it, he have to entered ITB, and he did it. He was accepted at ITB, in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering faculty, same with me haha.

The conclusion is, try to find a reason why you do something that you can’t avoid or in another word that activity is an obligation. Not only you’ll be enjoying that activity, but you’ll get a lot more than if you just think that you are being forced. Try to make connection between what you do and what you want to achieve, even if you need to see it deeply and hardly and after that you’ll find that your life as an exciting adventure.

See you on top !

Firman Ramadhani


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