How to build your self discipline (no excuses by brian tracy)

We have to admit it, most people are not workaholic. Some of us, including me, are lack of discipline in some ways. We can’t maintain our enthusiasm in the journey to our goals. For example, some of us, in the new year, wrote a lot of new year resolutions, but how many still keep maintain that resolutions now? or some us are too rely on motivation, so we make an excuse, “I am not motivated yet.” if you rely on motivation, you’ll not get BIG!


To make your self discipline, one of the methods is called Challenge and commitment. Make a challenge each month and try hard to beat it. For example; 30 days no internet, 30 days take a bath with cold water, etc. I still trying to maintain my progress to sleep and wake up at certain of time this month. Make a realistic challenge, it is challenging but you can still achieving it.

If you feel you want to stop at your Challenge, think that you must be a man of his word. Life is no difference from video game, we must evolving, lv-ing up from time to time or the game is over. Discipline is a product of continual Challenge.

Remember, start one challenge each month, but keep it clear in your head that you’ll struggling to keep it maintain. Think how you’ll become in the years a head, if every month you adding value for yourself. Every decision a go resulted to what you are today.

See you on top!




*Summary of video from “The Journey” on youtube (

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