How to focus better by practical psychology (youtube channel)

Have you ever been doing something and in the same time, you think about your problem or the other activity that you should finish before certain of time? if you have, then you should try to train and intensify your focus, based on practical psychology, there are 5 broad reason why you could not be focus;focus

1. Weariness, Believe it or not, a lot of us not considering sleep as something substantial. We just think about finish our job or task as fast as we can, but if we can’t maintain our sleep time and energy, how could we finish our obligation with great. Sleep is important and when you are tired, take a nap for 20 minutes and you’ll be back fresh again.

2. Stress, Think about anything that we can’t change or we have not power to control it, is wastes of time and energy, it will leads to stress. If our stress leaded by task/duty which required a lot of time, break up it into smaller thing, so you can do it part by part.

3. Multitasking, doing a lot of activity in one time is not effective. consentration in one task and organise the task in different time.

4. Boredom, if you feel bored with your obligation and you can’t do nothing about it, limit the time and split it or you can reward yourself after finished.

5. Physical factors, Your healthy body is essential, if you sick you’ll be hard to be focus, try to take a rest for some time until get better.

Try to eliminate all the problems i have mentioned above and i guarantee you’ll have better focus in each activity that you do.

see you on top!



Firman Ramadhani


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