How to stop worrying and start living


After I have just entered college, I was worried almost everything. I worried if i can’t finish my homework before deadline, I worried I will not do the quiz well, I worried I will not keep up with the others, I worried about something I  could’nt change anymore, even I worried I will not pass the semester above requirement grade. All this worried make me anxious all the time, even these disturbed me when I was studying.

If could’nt get rid of it, it’ll ruined my whole life. lucky me, I found a video on youtube about how to stop worrying and start living from The Journey youtube channel.The creator of the video says, there are four things to do to stop anxiety;

  1. Don’t think too much about the future. It doesn’t mean that you should not make plans or goals for your life. It means, after you have set up your goals, your duty is not for worrying but to do your best to achieve it. Don’t think that your goals will become real or not, just live life step by step in every single days. Do it, and your goals will come to you without automaticly.
  2. Cooperate with the inevitable. Maybe you have something that unavoidable. If you can’t change or make a difference, why you need to be worried ? accept it and let the life go on.
  3. Don’t stuck in the past.  The place of the past is in the past, but the future depends on your choices today. The question is, do you accept it or not? if not, then you are imprisoned in the past. Try to accept it and MOVE ON!
  4. The worried person must lose himself in action. Get busy and keep busy, of course do the activities that raise you value. If you are keep doing good activities, you’ll not time to be worried.

I also watched video titled, “Are you sad & depressed?” by Ustadh Hamza Tzortzy

Do they not reflect upon the quran ? or are there locks on their hearts? – Surah Muhammad : 24

If you feel anxiety all the time, try to intensify your connection with Al-Quran. There are all solution of human kind problems inside Al-Quran, we just need to read it and understand it.

“Seek to understand then to be understood – The 7 habits of highly effective people.”

This sentence also work with Al-Quran, we need to try understand it, and we will be understood. There is an interesting story in surah yusuf;

Yakub says, “I only complain of my suffering and grief to Allah.” and he also says, “and despair not of the life giving mercy, for indeed the one who despairs of the life giving mercy of god is the one who actively rejects the true.”

Rely on Allah, refer on Allah, and belief on Allah that he will bring you to the best situation at the end, even if the road is a little hard.

See you on top!


Firman Ramadhani


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