“I don’t have enough time to do this!” hmm really?


Time Management is a very basic skill in our daily life. It’s often being taught in group discussion, seminar, or mentor group. A lot of people think, after they have been taught about time management, then they can immediately manage their time properly. But, actually the challenge is not in the first time managing our time, but in the consistency of our will to always keep with our time management in the first place.

Consistency needs a lot of energy and will power to maintain. To always write our daily activities every morning and keep up on it until the end of the day, every day, are hard but not impossible. Sometimes, I am very tired and couldn’t follow my schedule. But, I make the follow-up about it and try to improve my consistency in time management because i know the benefits are very worth it.

If you and i can have a good grip on time management, i believe it will open our fast-track-way to our life goals. Time management makes our time more efficient and effective, in others word, we can do a lot more activity and productivity in certain of time if we have time management skill. Time is irreplaceable resource, it can’t be turned over and repeated.

I want to encourage you guys to make you daily activities schedule, every morning, before you do your first activity in that day. Make it simple, for example it only contains time (in hours), kind of activities and target (if you do something that have certain amount of limit to be finished, ex: problems set, etc). Try it by tomorrow morning after you read this article, because sometimes, later becomes never.

See you on top!


Firman Ramadhani


*pict from www.halogensoftware.com


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