Indonesia Geothermal Energy


( Derajat Geothermal Energy Power Plant )

Geothermal energy is a domestic energy resource with cost, reliability and environmental advantages over conventional energy sources. It contributes both to energy supply,with electrical power generation and direct-heat uses. – Prof  D. Chandrasekharam

Do you know that Indonesia is the third largest country producing energy from Geothermal Power Plant after United States and Philippines ? Indonesia produces 1200 MW of electricity from six Geothermal Power Plants in Indonesia, It makes us one of the largest country that both generates capacity and produces electricity. We need to be proud of it.

  1. United States        3,092 MWe
  2. Philippines        1,904 MWe
  3. Indonesia        1,197 MWe
  4. Mexico          958 MWe
  5. Italy          843 MWe

Source: International Geothermal Association

With about 40% of world geothermal energy potential (estimate 28MWe) located under Indonesia territory, It means Indonesia could be The Largest country in Geothermal Energy production if we really concern about it. Imagine, 28 MWe from zero waste and long-lasting energy production that could accommodates entire country.

The main problem to develop geothermal energy in Indonesia was because its own legal framework. For long geothermal activities were defined as a mining activity (Law No. 27/2003) which made it prohibited to be conducted in protected forest and conservation areas (Law No. 41/1999). Unfortunately, 80% of Indonesia Geothermal Potential is located in the protected forest or conversation area, therefore it was very difficult to exploit. But, in August 2014, DPR passed Geothermal Law No. 21/2014 that made Geothermal Exploitation differs with the other mining activities. It makes Geothermal Energy Production easier to be developed.

The other problem is its infrastructure and technology. Indonesia is lack of infrastructure and technology to develop Geothermal Power Plant. Usually, Geothermal Potential is located deep inside jungle or mountain, It makes hard to be exploit. To make or build up power plan is not cheap. It is very expensive and need a lot of engineer, but the result will be worth it.

After read this article, we can conclude that Indonesia has a big opportunity to becomes The Largest Country which produces energy from Geothermal Energy. But, the only way to achieve it is to be brave enough invested in Geothermal Energy Developing.

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-Drajat power plant pict resource :


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