Dispersed Focus


I just realize that my focus to achieve my goals has been dispersed. These last weeks, I did a lot of activities that aren’t support or have a value to make me closer to my goals. Sometimes, I felt like the-stream-follower-person. ya… I wasted a lot of time, It was miserable.

I was confused, but now I am trying to evaluate all of my activities schedule. I am trying to be more careful dividing between necessary and not necessary activities. Necessary activities are the activities that support my goals, and the contrary, are not necessary activities. Does Muhammad Ali will become a great boxer if he wasn’t spent a lot of his time to practice boxing ? Does J.K. Rowling will become the most famous author if she wasn’t wrote a lot of story ? Does Muhammad Al-Fatih could conquer constatinople without spent years of his time ? we need to sacrifice a lot of things to be The best in one thing, and that is what i want to achieve.

Doesn’t mean I become antipathy. I will still do some of activity that have high value, even if it is not directly support my goals, but i will become more selective on it. If I found that the activity is not very important, I will change it. This is not selfishness, more like repairing my energy distribution. Like the author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People says, Put first things first.

I will not being confused and distracted again, its my promises to my self.

Hope Allah SWT guides me through this way, right into my goals.

Firman Ramadhani / Cimahi

*pict source www.revelationtv.com


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