This Week

Huh, this last week has been so tough. Arrived at home at 08.00 PM was usual, in fact i came home at 11.30 PM yesterday after attended candradimuka leadership and organisation training program that was being held by kabinet nyala ITB. these week activities was costed a lot of energy, i am not kidding, i was really tired, plus i got some problem in the class. I was feeling down.

I used to talk to myself, “Firman you can do it.” but always ended up with, “why the others easily can, but you can’t ? are you stupid ? you are not study hard enough!” ( if the cases was class subjects) For sure this thought was made me feeling down.

I was feeling depressed because i thought i could not keep up with the others in College, there are really-really-super-smart. I felt i can’t get what the lecture taught to me but the others simply understand it immediately. After i asked my friends, i got the main problem, Actually the problem was on me.

I could not keep up with the others because i didn’t learn about the subject before the class, in contrary, the others always study about the subject before the class, It based on my friends testimonies (note that i wrote friends instead of friend, it means i asked not only one person, but many). This is example of how to solve a problem, identify the problem first, then find the data, and make the solution.

Overall, i think by spending my energy to positive activities, i got a lot of knowledge for return. I learned how to solve problems effectively, practice to talk about my opinion in front of people, intensify critical thinking skill, and also i have solve some of my own problem about studying that i have mention above.

Firman Ramadhani (Cimahi)


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