Life is an ocean, you can choose to float on or dive into the water. Floating is ease, It doesn’t need a lot of energy, and only have a little risk. You can floating as long as you can but you’ll never know what treasure hidden under the water. But if you gonna dive, it’ll be hard and full of risk, you can loose your breath, or being pushed by the underwater pressure, but you’ll see and experience all of the ocean’s world, and it is worth it, since we only life once.

Experience can’t be bought nor being transfer. It only can be achieved by ourself, by diving far into the deep ocean without afraid to be out of breath. But we need to be realistic too right? If at the moment we can’t handle the pressure, we need to go back to the surface, take the others breath, and dive again to search for the others experience. Being realistic is not cowardice, more like going back one step so we can going to the front again.

Everytime we dive into the deepest ocean, the pressure, the breath, and the situation becomes more and more uncomfortable. Its normal, that’s why we need to dive slowly but sure so our brain and body could adapt. The more we learn to adapt, the more we can stand for the worst pressure.

We are the creator of our own future. If you choose to float is fine, nothing wrong, but if you want to experience the “the biggest experience in your life”, try to be a diver not a floater.

Firman Ramadhani

*pict ressource all4desktop.com


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