Learning Environment at ITB


After more than one month study at ITB, I got a lot of new experiences. Not only from College’s courses (Learning isn’t only about calculus, physics, and chemical right?), but also from organisations, social, etc. But in this article, I want to share about experiences which i got from College’s courses, hopely it will be a good motivation and a good “guide” for future students of ITB or someone who still confuses with “The whole new word”.

When I was high school student, I heard a lot of people said that ITB is very strict in academic, a lot of ITB students drop out because they can’t bear up with academic demands, and almost all the students are study oriented. I want to say that it is….. TRUE! but wait, don’t be afraid, let us talk about it.

About academic demands, It is true that ITB have high demands in academic. As far as i experienced being a student of ITB, every week there must be homework from almost all of each College subjects. Of course because College is more higher in education level compared high school, the home work is different as well. Usually the homework which I got here is can’t be finished only in one hour, but need two or more time (PTI oh PTI), and College’s student need to know that the purpose of home work is to understand the subjects not only for grade. The homework is a little bit much, I know it, but if we can manage our time well, it wont be a problem anymore.

About the students drop out cases, It’s true that a lot of students being drop out, but believe me, if we try and not give up, I guarantee that we can survive. Its about our paradigm, “Brain has not limit”-prof ichsan. If we think we can’t do it, its a truth, but if we think we can do it, its also truth, so it’s only about our perception. Oh ya, Almost all students are study oriented, of course its a good habit, but if we are study oriented, It doesn’t mean we are not oriented in organisation or social as well right?

TIPS AND TRICKS! (Based on my experience, and hopefuly it’ll help you to not make the same mistake(s) like me)

  1. Find one friend that you can always depend on. It doesn’t mean that you only need one friend, make as many friends as you can, but you need to have one friend, we can call it best friend. The benefit is you can be reminded about homework or have a discussion about subject which you not understand.
  2. Join organisation so you can meet with the others faculty. It’s fun and add a lot of connections, and of course, maybe you can find your “mate” :p.
  3. STUDY BEFORE THE CLASS ABOUT THE SUBJECT. Seriously, I made a mistake in the first time, I am not did this so I felt hard to follow the lecture in the class. Moreover, STUDY BEFORE PRACTICE CLASS!

That’s all from me, Thanks for your time Big Dreamers, hopely it’ll be useful !


Firman Ramadhani (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering – ITB – 16916038 )

*Pict resource from miner8.com


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