Message for Me in the Future


Hai Firman,

How are you ? what have you experienced so far? what goals have you achieved ? is it fun or is it hard ? is it worth it? actually, I have so many question even it won’t be fit in one short article like this. But please be patient to read my message, can you? I know that you are impatient but please spent some time to read it, I know it will motivates you and bring smile into your face in the hard time.

are you still feeling anxious all the time Firman ? Don’t be so worried about everything that not yet happened, moreover if something that you worried about has been passed. Remember, “Morning dew doesn’t exist anymore, likewise the cold of the night, because it is still noon.” You can’t change the past, and the future is not yet happened, all you can do is to be the best of yourself at the moment. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about your future, but please spent more of your time in something you can do today than just sitting there feeling anxious by the future.

Do you feel tired Firman ? If you are tired, stop for a moment so you can breath and think again why you do that for all the past time. Think about something that you haven’t do anymore and what the “reward” you would get if you still maintain on that activity or habit. Think about it, and you’ll find out that what you do is not for nothing, but for something big in the future.

Are you feeling inferior than the others Firman ? Please throw out that mindset. Everyone good in someways but not in everything. Maybe you are bad in something, but you have to admit that you must be have something that you good at it. Don’t compare yourself with others, everyone is unique, and  you are unique as well. Be proud of yourself and rise your head.

That all from me Firman, I hope it will bring you bright again in the darkest of time.

From Firman for Firman



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