October, Month of zombie mode

16676523-green-cartoon-businessman-zombie-isolated-on-white-stock-vectorIf you are visiting ITB in October, you are likely to see a lot of zombies. They look tired and bring a lot of books wherever they go. You’ll find them everywhere, specially at the place that suitable for study like library.If you are visiting library at noon, you’ll see a long queue of zombies. It’s because October is The Midterm exam’s month!

Students at ITB are really concern about Midterm exam. It’s because Midterm exam scores have a big impact to IP at the end of the semester. For representation,  attendance, quiz, and homework, all combined, only gives 10% for IP, but Midterm exam score gives 40%. It’s a big deal, that’s why students of ITB really concern about this.

Midterm exam being held every Saturday. Usually, each of exam days, there are only one exam, but of course, it can be two as well. This is my Midterm Schedule ;

8 October : Physics

15 October : Chemistry and English

22 October : Calculus

29 October : PRD

Look like I have a lot of time to study right ? but unfortunately it’s not. Usually I arrive at home at 6 pm with tons of homework (specially chemistry ), and after I done, I am feel tired to study. I think I need to be more effective in managing my time and energies, also need to learn which task I should do first.


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