How to deliver messages (with science of persuasion method)


6 principle science of persuasion : 

  1. Reciprocity
  2. Scarcity
  3. Authority
  4. Consistency
  5. Liking
  6. Consensus

  1. Reciprocity, If we want to deliver a message to public, we must explain the benefit which they will be got if they follow our instructions. The benefit could be seen or not. For example “You’ll get certificate, accommodation, and a lot of experiences if you are following us!”
  2. Scarcity, Make the content becomes “rare”, for example “Only three days” or “For students of ITB only!” etc. Based on scientific research, This method makes a big deal to the result which you will get later.
  3. Authority, Show them the datum from trusted resource or from an expert. People are easily trusted to the information if the resource is from an expert and people that have authority.
  4. Consistency, Do it with consistency, The more you are concern on delivering the message, The more message will be delivered well! Try to remind the other everyday about the message that you want to be delivered.
  5. Liking, Find about The public interests in that particular time, for example color of the year which can be use as the main color of our poster event.
  6. Consensus, based on scientific fact, people are easily follow what the majority of people do. For example, “75% of guest clean up their room before check out”, it makes a lot more people to clean up their room before go home.

If you have plan to delivering message to public, make sure to fulfill all of each principle above!  if you have question about this article, feel free to ask me by contact page on wordpress!




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