Lost makes me live in the moment

29th October, 2016, FTMD held an solidarity event at Cikole. We spend a night at Cikole and did a lot of fun activities together. It was really fun and released all of the stresses rushed up when mid term exams. Overall, It was memorable, but this time I am gonna tell you about what happen when I was riding my motorcycle back home.

I went home at 6.00 in the morning, It was earlier than the others because actually the event scheduled to finish at 12.00. Without taking shower first (Don’t judge me haha), I ride my motorcycle home. It was really cold to ride by motorcycle at 06.00 AM from Cikole to Cimahi, The views it self was really amazing, It made me enjoy the ride and kept me ride in low speed, but “The real views” were not yet begun.

I was lost

Because the way I usually take was in repaired,  I took another ways which was recommended by a man there. honestly, I knew the others ways, but I think It would be fun to take the small road instead of a big one. After ride for about 15 minutes, I aware that the road became smaller and damaged even sometimes the road contain only rock and soil.

I didn’t know where I am, My phone was lowbatt, so I din’t dare to turn on my internet and use google maps (even if I do this, there is no gurantee phone signal exist there). I kept on riding and riding, My fuel only 2 strips left, and there were no sign of gas station anywhere, all this made me worry. But when I saw this views, Intantly all my stress taken out and I took pictures with my lowbatt phone without think twice!


(Look what the others views which I got when I was lost!)


20161030_064029 (Looks at the river there ? Just kidding, It actually cloud!) 


(Paradise on The Earth)


(Panorama of The Views, Enjoy it!)


(That’s my thumb there haha)

Everything have a positive point of view, Think what will I got if was just thinking about the problem of mine at that time (which was getting lost), I will not aware about that beautiful views. Like Albus Dumbledore said ;

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”

I think I wanna getting lost at this kind of road more often next time haha. Thanks for your time, see you next time!


Firman Ramadhani


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