Daily Prompt: Irksome

via Daily Prompt: Irksome


Nowadays, I am always feel tedious. I want to stop all my activities and release all the burdens. I really want to go alone to a new place that I have never been there, just to thinking and being relax. but what is the purpose of that if in the end I will feel this feeling again ?

Live is never easier nor can be restarted, Live is just Live that keep moving on. One think finished, the others must be waited. This is what I need to understand about Live. I need to accept it or will be flushed away by the stream of live. Fish in the river must swim to stay alive, If the fish decided to stop, It will be drown.

Then what should I do to always be motivated to swim ? I need to know exactly what I am fighting for in Live, I need to know that all of these hard working and sweating are not for nothing. How to know all of these ? Stop for a moment from all of The activities then think deeply is the answer.

Think about live is the greatest costing energies activity, and only a few people do this. Not because its hard to access but because its need a skill that not being taught in the school. Live thinker being forged by environment, people, and the most important factor is by him/herself, but sometimes the tedious has reached the limit.

Being tired is not a sin, its natural. Stop for a moment then take a deep breath is not a drawback, its realistic. But, if I abandon all of think that I have struggle for all the time in my life, its really a backward. If I want to become slower for a sec, its ok, If I want to stop for a moment, let it be, but one that really sure is never ever turn back and walk backward!



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