Response to “Could Indonesia really attain power self-sufficiency?” on Jakarta Post

This post as a response to George Barber for his article on Jakarta Post titled “Could Indonesia really attain power self-sufficiency?”. On his article, Author noted some of Articles which was also posted on Jakarta Post. The Articles are “President disappointed with the progress of 35,000 MW project”, “Geothermal development continues to move at snail’s pace” and “Larger cost recovery pool better for the government”. The Author think that there are some reasons why 35,000 MW project postponed, one of the reason comes from the government itself. The Author also stated his opinion about the problem occurred in energy exploration sector, It interesting that almost all of his opinion about energy exploration sector developed by another Author opinion, which is I think not well-explained by the Author.In the end of his article, Author also said that indonesia could be self-sufficiency country with some of requirements. I agree with some of Author’s opinions, but not all of them, I’ll explain it below.

Author implies The Call from the house for government to establish state-owned company focus on developing geothermal energy means the geothermal energy will be postponed. I think it’s should be contrary, of course in the beginning the geothermal energy will be slightly delayed, but after the company have been built, the geothermal energy sector progress will be accelerated quickly, because if we take an example of company that put his “hands” on a lot of energy sectors, let’s says Pertamina. Pertamina developing a lot of energy sector in Indonesia, from oil, gas, geothermal, solar, water, etc. But if we try to see it more clearly, it just makes pertamina doesn’t be an expert, specially in geothermal energy sector which Indonesia has the biggest potential of. We need a state-owned company that concerns 100% to this sector to be accelerated exponentially.

One of part that funny is, almost all of his article made up from the others opinion articles, which is make this articles doesn’t have strong opinion because of The lack of datum. For example, Author says that energy exploration is a risky project, specially with the oil exploration. It’s only about 20% of success from 100%. But this comparison is taken from the other opinion articles which is made by Mr. Yusak, since the Author didn’t take the realistic datum, the opinions become very weak.

Even though the opinion on this article is weak, I can’t agree more to The Author Statement, “could Indonesia attain power self-sufficiency? possibly.” Indonesia has a lot of natural resources, let’s says Oil, Gold, Uranium, Coal, Water, Natural Gas, Geothermal, etc. The more I Think about the richness of Indonesia, the richer it’ll get. I agree with the author opinion that it’s only the mater of costs, will government found how to make it be low risk and easy for developed ? If the answer is “yes”, It’s only mater of time before indonesia become self-sufficient country.


“Could Indonesia really attain power self-sufficiency?” by George Barber

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