Story of ITB : First Semester


Hai, it’s been so long since my last post. It because I was simply feeling bored in writing and wanted to spend my time in reading, you’ll give me your pardon don’t you ? hehe. Actually, I am in holiday time right now, which means I have passed first semester at ITB! (yeay!), I am feeling satisfied with my second midtest score which means have a good progress from my first-catastrophic-horror-midtest-score (I am describe it well enough hehe), of course I need to keep develope if I want to see more progress in the second semester.

Sometimes, I remember how hard it when I was a new student. I was feeling left behind by the others. When the others can understood what the lecture have been just taught in the class, I needed to ask the other and read from the Textbook first to understand. When the others was asked by lecture from the material, they could answer it, but I could’nt get it at all.

Study hard every free time didn’t give so much help with my academic issues, my grade still same and didn’t show any progress. I became stressful with my grade, more with my comprehension of the college subjects. And with me still crawling to adjust, the first midtest hit me.

First midtest was really hard (specially for chemistry which I got…… well..I can’t tell you, sorry) but I think, I do well in calculus. It brought my mental to the lower ground, “Why study hard can’t bring me significant progress? am I this stupid?”. But then, I tried to take my face up and see from different point of view. Maybe it not only the quantity that they (which are the people with high grade) think about, but also quality. Maybe, I have been wrong in the first place with my study style, or it didn’t fit me at all. then, I decieded to ask the others. (Okey, if you think that study in college is not for grade, I can’t agree no more, but doesn’t grade more or less show how we understood the material as well? )

I asked a lot of people, a lot of different phrase but have the same meanings, I understood. Okey maybe some of them really have very high IQ whatsoever, but I think what really made them to be that great is how they study. They always study the material before the class, so if they have something that they didn’t understand they can ask the lecture. Not only that, they spend time to practice about the subject after they understand the material first, so Its like a challenge for their comprehension, if they couldn’t found the solution, they re-read the material again until they understand. It’s really effective to enrich their knowledge. They also tried the last year problem set when they will faced midtest, that was the key of their success, both in comprehension, grade, and free time (since their study method is very effective)

After I heard about this, I did what they told me, and simply amazed with the result. My grade was showing progress, I could understand what the lecturer have been just taught, and the most important, for the first time, I was feeling I could compete with the others! With hardwork, good advice from friends, and effective study stile, I could get what I thought impossible before, specially for chemistry (which I got 88 in second midtest yeay!)

Really, If you are not shy to ask, keep the hardwork, and do it with effective way, the result that you hope for will come. Nothing impossible, but it needs hard work to make im and possible seperated, and become im possible.

See You On Top!


Firman Ramadhani





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