The Bookworm Project

Haii there! how’s life so far ? hehe. Oh yes, currently working on a project, basically a project to make a website for every book worm out there to share their review, opinion about a book, or a place for discussion, it’s gonna be a place for SHARING FREE EBOOK too! yees! hahaha.


I am trying to make this website fascinating for everybody with make some story about the website. This is the story of Bookworm’s Fantasy Island

Once upon a time, in the middle of The Ocean, there was an earthquake. The earthquake was so massive, even the trembling could be felt at thousands of kilometer from epicenter, people in the shore were shocked. Surely it was not an ordinary earthquake.

Right down in the bottom of the Ocean, two myth God was fighting each other. Poseidon, The ruler of the sea versus Hades, The ruler of the death island. The hatred between two of them have been a legend for a long time, and in the time, here they were, fighting each other in the bottom of ocean.

Apollo, God of The Knowledge knew if he is not trying to stop them, The half of the earth will be torn a part, so he went to the war zone, and stopped in the middle of them to make it stop. But unfortunately, both of Hades and Poseidon have released their secret weapon, and hit Apollo with a destructive power.

Apollo died and as a God that died, he released a lot of energy which somehow made The soil in The bottom of Ocean rise to the Air and became an Island, Island of Knowledge, which later on being called Fantasy Island.

On the website, you can check out the ebook pages, which is were you’ll found our ebook collection (of course free for download), and review pages, you’ll found book review here. I am currently working on to make a discussion pages, I need somebody to teach me to use HTML though (please).

I also make a fictional character called Captai Redeye (the appearence is captain jack sparrow actualy haha), he is a captain of the ship! the captain will say hi to you when you add The Bookworm official account in Line Social Media and welcome you on board, the id is @zxd8160a


He will also remind you if there is a new treasure coming (which is free downloadable ebook haha), The OA will also share book review, and can be a place for discussion as well. Are you dare to take the adventure with Captain Redeye and the others Bookworms ? I challenge you!

The Bookworm website

OA Line ID : @zxd8160a




Firman Ramadhani


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