Second Semester, ITB

Long time no see!!

This second semester gonna be a little bit harder than the first one. I think you should check out my class schedule


You see that my schedule looks similar with my first semester schedule, and its true, but only if we see it from quantity. This semester I am gonna have Gamtek (Technical Drawing), TTKI (Learn about bahasa, report, etc), and Statur (Structure Stastics). Gamtek only takes two sks same as TTKI, and Statur takes three sks. But, good luck for me, each of them have tons of homework said kating... Maybe its why FTMD’s students in the second semester have a plunged IP haha. For you that curious about these three class, I will make some of description about these.

First, Gamtek or Gambar Teknik ( Technical Drawing )

Gamtek is a class that taught about how to make a good draw. What draw? of course, the draw is about engineering world, for example, draw of Engine, Car, etc. In here, we not gonna learn about color, saturation, or art, but instead we learn how to make our draw can deliver our message as much as possible. A good draw must be easily to be “read” by the other engineer.

The draw looks like this



Not an easily-draw-to-read that you thinking about right? haha, if haven’t get any class about this, don’t be worried hehe.

Second, TTKI 

Actually, if you have learn about what is correct word in KBBI, correct structure of sentences, or how to make report in the right way, it’ll not be a burden. This class taught about “Kaidah Bahasa”, rule of sentences and etc. If you want to take apart in competition like PKM, you’ll need this class a lot since the proposal need to be written in the right way of “Kaidah Bahasa”

Third, Statur or Statistika Struktur ( Structure Statistics)

In this class, we gonna learn about how to make free body diagram for rigid things, how to draw the right force, and how to analyze it. This class is very crucial because it is a fundamental class for engineering in all of department in FTMD.




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