Yesterday was a fun day for TPBers ( first year student of ITB), we got  TPB CUP. TPB CUP is actually a sport competition between faculty and school of Bandung Insitute of Technology. Each faculty or school need to bring their supporter, and it’s included in the appraisal of TPB CUP. What made it fun actually was the supporter of each of the faculty or school that brought their mascot and supporter, don’t forget about yel-yel too haha, let the picture speak of what fun we got hehe.


We gathered at SR parking field and then move together to saraga. It was really eye-catching hahaha, everybody seems interested when they saw us walking together, especially with the mascot that walk in front of the line.

Okey next, let the pictures speak!


(we really made ganesha rousing yesterday haha)


(Infront of tunnel before entering saraga, sangar? hehe)


( walking in saragas’ running track, some of us called it, “tawaf bareng” haha)


(Inside basketball field)

It was the funniest time, when both FTMD and SBM were shouted their yel-yel to each other, there was a little bit arrogance, of course for fun only but it was disappear right after the match finished.

Thanks FTMD for the unforgettable moment,

See you on top!


Firman Ramadhani


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