New Chapter in My Life!

Time is moving really fast, I just remember the first time I opened SNMPTN websites and got a blue colored announcement that I was accepted in ITB and today… I am here! ready for the new chapter in my life as a college student of mechanical engineering. Beside the stories being told by senior that tell the mechanical engineering is a really strict major in ITB, I am really looking forward to get a new knowledge and insight both from lectures and senior college student at mechanical engineering.

My memories moving back to the first time I entered ITB, I was so afraid that I would not survive in the high competition level environment like ITB. But I am still here, breathing and surviving and by the way my TPB grade wasn’t so bad, It’s still counted as cumlaude here in ITB hehe. Beside the bad experiences, a lot of coffee,  high and down stream of life, I am really proud of myself that I have passed all of them (cheers). I think it’s important that wherever you are now, whatever the condition is, just take a moment for appreciate yourself for being tough in the hard time of your life.

Human mind is unique, It can make a limit yet it hasn’t limitation how far you want to make the limit itself. Maybe some of you saying like “Bullshit, I’ll never be an astronauts” or “Me myself barely past the last exam, how could I dreaming to be an Oxford student?” I would like to say that yes sometimes we have a really big dream yet the reality doesn’t support us, but like one of Indonesian proclamator, Ir. Soekarno said “Dream as high as the sky, if you fall, you’ll fall among the star” It’s kinda true! If we aim for a perfection and we failed, at least we get an excellence.

I have a really BIG DREAM for my coming years in mechanical engineering, something like get a grade above 3.5, active in mechanical engineering community, win PKM, financially independent, and the others dream that I can’t type one by one here, really I have lots of them hehe. But all of the dream I want to achieve required me to work hard in the smart way, and I know it’ll be tiresome, but I really waiting for the chances to fight for all of them!

I have a nice script or poetry if you think it deserve to be called like that hehe. It was made by me in the time I missed to writing, titled it anything you want!


Titled : anything you want”

rock, block, and shock

I have passed them all

light, tight, and fight

I will faced them all

Whatever I want

Whoever I’ll be

Hope tomorrow will shine, echo, and remembered

as lightning in the sky

Thankyou for your time !





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