The wind blowing as it’s breathing, the sun shining with the warm of early morning, sitting here, on the park bench at ITB, listening to 50 unforgettable jazz music of all time from youtube, thinking… what makes us persevere through all obstacles in life, does the obstacle really there in the first place or it’s created by our self-thought? and is there any limit for our struggle in the way to get something we wanted? does success created by hard work or streak luck?

Life is such a gambling, you can spent a lot, yet there is no guarantee you’ll get it back. In contrary, you spent a little, and can get the jackpot. If we try to stop from our activities and spent a little of our time to ask ourself, is it really worth to spent our time day and night for our “success goals” even though there are a lot of elements contribute to our path to success or failure beside our struggle?

I have read Outlier by Malcolm Gladwell, this book explain the path that successful person passed through life, and yes there are a lot of coincidental luck. Hmmm so you can be a success person even though you are sitting all time in front TV, if only you have huge luck, but… what I learn, our luck, our shining stars is buried somewhere, and the one who can find it, is ourself.

It’s really fly my spirit high after read amazing stories about person on top that they have been passed this and that obstacles, defeated their own fear, and create something that can only be an imagination for the others. I simply think that they are never stop for digging their lucky stars and finally found it.

hmmm so what should I do if the end my success have been determined by condition? should I stop to persevere? Of course we need to keep digging, and don’t forget to breath. Life is simple, and the only way to control it is start in our brain.

see you on top





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