The Ancestral (part one)

My name is Spero De’ Lumen, I was born long time ago, before centuries, when the devil, and unimaginable creature still walking freely on this earth land.  it would be hard to put an age upon me. Ilness can’t touch me, even death itself has no claim over me. I have been travelling all over the world and sometime beyond of it. I have been diving into the deepest ocean, crawling to the highest mountain, and Fighting unimaginable creature that you only known from mythology book. I have unlimited power, or it was?

I would like to share my stories,

Brave your heart, ‘cause, this story only for the bravest.


                “Look altair, it’s a boy.” Said Anna to the man that stood in front of her. She was carried a little boy that newly born

“Could I carry him?” said the man, even his beard and firm body couldn’t hid how excited he was.

“Of course altair, he is your son.” Anna passed the baby in her hand with gently. The man, took the boy with a little awkward, but then he could adapted.

“Oh, look how little you are.” Said the beard man to the little boy. “Soon you’ll become a great fighter, just like me, your father.” He was excited but he kept his voice warm and authority, of course he was The Chief man of the Gregour Tribe, the stronger tribe in the Europe continent.

But the face of the man changed immediately to pale when the eyes of his son changed colour.

“It couldn’t be…”

“Why altair?” ask Anna, knew there was something apprehensive in his husband voice.

“Our son..”

“Yes why our son?”

“is an ancestral.” With bitter voice the man answered

“it couldn’t be true, tell me you are lying!.” Shouted the woman.

“Look at his eye, Anna! Look!” with that, he showed the little boy eyes, that changed from green, to blue, to yellow,and to black then come back to green again.

“its must be done.” Said the man,


His son was the first ancestral in ten generation. He had been told by his parent, there was Ancestral once, his eyes could change colour too, like his son. the legend said, his faith didn’t ended well, he opened a portal to the ragnarok world, where the beast of the beast lie. Every clan in Europe fought united their power to stop it to be happen. Two hundred thousand man, was tried to close the gate. But Ancestral power was too strong, even without the help of The legendary power of the witch clan, the Ancestral was undefeated.The legend said, there was the witch who corrupted his mind, every body knew the Legend of the witch, The witch was not a person, it’s a followership of devil, their concern was to make a way for the Lord Devil to pass into this world. And if we talk about devil, there was nothing good about it. Now, the witch, hid in the deepest of forest or in the cave.  The other legend said, the power of Ancestar was too strong, so the human body couldn’t contained it, so he became mad.

When the sun was sunk, there was only less than a quarter man still lived, then a man from the north came. His power was amazing, he fought the Ancestral bravery, but the Ancestral was also strong. The Battle ended with both of the man died. But the north man not died for nothing, he was able to make the gate power decreased significanly, so the powerful devil and monster, specially the most powerful of all, the devil elder, couldn’t passed the gate. So it was why there were devil, monster, and nightmare creature walked in this world. Even the weak monster was hard to defeated.

There was a lot of speculation about the man, One legend said he was not a human, but an eternity creature that had been living on this world when the ocean still hot and the air was poison . The another said, he was a Ancestral human too, but his mind still could handle the power that he had.

Everyone believed the Legend. Of course, there were proofs why the Legend could be trusted. First, the devil really exist, usually they attack at night, when the man couldn’t handle the monster, the monster would killed all the human, and sometimes took the young boy or girl from the tribe. Maybe, so there could ate it later. Usually, there were stupid like pigs, move only because they saw human and wanted to taste the flesh. Most of the monsters were this type, still could be handled, even it was not eassy, though. But there was a rumor, The diligent monster shown up,That they knew where the most weak spot in the barrier and made a strategic to take down the defend.

Second, There was really a gate of devil, the gate produced a strong light to the sky, even in Altair tribe places, that located very far from the gate, still could seen the light of the gate. Altair had been tried to send a man, to check the gate, not for closed it of course, there was nothing could be done with only five to seven man, except, for only to gather the information. Every group consist of five to seven man, always comeback with only one person. He tried so many times before he got one conclusion. The closest to the gate, the stronger the monster that lived.

Of course, with all that facts, not only Altair tribe that agreed, but all tribe  across of Europe continent agreed, to make a rule. Every single baby that born with changed eyes color, should be killed.

“NOO ! he is our child altair, He is our flesh that you are saying!” she grabbed the boy from his husband hand.

“Yes, I know Anna, but the rule is crystal, and as The Chief, I couldn’t break our clan oath for our clan purity.”

“Then break it for me Altair. Do it for our child. He will not harm anyone, that was only a legend, and none will have known about this. The eyes will soon fixed.”

Take a deep breath,Altair nodded. “Then we will named him, Spero De’ Lumen, Hope of the light, May our Ancestor let him guide us toward the new hope of light in every darkness time.”

He wasn’t sure how he and his wife could guard his child from what was coming, but what he had known for sure, the legend that passed through great-grand parent, to his grand parent, to his parent, and finally to him The Ancestral was so powerful, it was hard to taken care of.

He took the risk. Maybe the legend was only a legend, a tale. He was hoped. But his hope didn’t last for too long.


*i know my english is very bad, therefore i want to improve my english with writing. I would be pleassed to hear the correction of my story above, feel free to contact me by email : or just write your opinions in the comment.